On Deviating

The game as Im making it is less a straight adaptation of the comic and more it’s own thing. it fixes some things i didn’t like about the early portions of the comic and continues the story in its own way. 

For example i never felt like the “magical girl” aspect of Ellie was as prominent and obvious as I wanted it to be. One thing I wanted to do with the game is to pump up the Shoujo. with that in mind this was the design I started from

wow she has long hair, right??? the idea is that her parents won’t let her cut it short, so she’s learned how to braid it just to keep it out of her way. it’s sloppy and messy because she doesn’t care and has a mess of anime hair hanging out in the front. the fanny pack was to plant Ellie squarely in the early 90s, which is also something that wasn’t obvious in the comic.

for various reasons this design was not readable in pixels at the scale im working at, so i went back to her usual bangs. she does still have the braid at the beginning of the game. ive cut back on the shoujo eyes too in the character portraits and sprites. i was able to keep the hole in her jeans which i really like and im hoping to fit the fanny pack back in, but it’s hard to do at such a tiny scale.